Good corporate governance is
digital agile automated collaborative simple

offers digital services for better corporate governance

Why digital?

Everybody knows what to do

Tasks are created automatically. The requirements are concise. It is clear to everybody what deliverables are expected - and when.

People get involved

Team collaboration creates transparency on the overall progress. Completing jobs is easy with task sharing, commenting and instant feedback. Documents, conversations and actions are saved in one place.

Work is done quickly and evenly

Using an agile approach, the workload is spread evenly. Tasks can be completed as soon as they arise - nobody has to wait for anybody or deadlines. Rapid feedback to work results ensure high quality.

This benefits your organization:

Relieved workload pressure

Because tasks spread out over a period of time instead of bunching together on a deadline.

Reduced external consulting costs

Because everything is created, managed and supervised by a system.

Reduced internal resource utilization

Because people only need minimal extra effort to accomplish GRC requirements.

Reduced administrative effort

Because the system collects data, reminds of due tasks and creates meaningful reporting.

Increased commitment

Because everything is concise and simple to use. People are more motivated to do the extra work.

100% compliant with regulations

Because regulatory requirements are built into the system by our GRC experts.

We combine classical GRC-consulting* with digital services

Digital ICS

Digital Risk

Coming Soon

Digital Audit

* GRC Conceptual Design & Implementation, Testing & Monitoring (SOX), GRC Maturity Assessments, Optimization & Transformation, Policy Management & Frameworks, GRC Audit & Assessment, Internal Audit Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing, Internal Audit Quality Assessment, GRC IPO Readiness Support

We are professionals from known consulting firms


10+ years
of expertise in Big 4 GRC consulting


15 years+
of expertise in software development

Our customers have one thing in common: digital corporate governance … and us!

Good corporate governance is

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